Denver's Newest Duplex Listings

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Duplex Investors do battle in Denver's neighborhoods

There is a huge pinch going on right now in Denver. Extremely low vacancy rates gives way to historically higher rents. Duplex and other small multi-unit properties available for purchase are in high demand and have been getting snapped up quickly. Denver’s population is now the largest its ever been and the inventory of duplex, triplex and quad investment property is in short supply. This equates to higher valuations of these types of investment properties.

Although mortgage interest rates are still low, investors are offering sellers cash in order to have a chance of winning the bid on newly listed properties. To further put themselves in the winning position, minimizing inspections and eliminating appraisals has become the norm for the average investor. It’s wild out there in most of Denver’s more popular neighborhoods, but if you are ready to compete for a Denver multi-unit property - check out the newest available listings below.

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