Use one of our Moving Trucks for Free - for Life!

Free Truck.jpg

Plus Dollies, Boxes & Tape!

Buy or Sell with Andrew & Golden Real Estate and you can use one of our moving trucks for free - for life! This makes for an ultra-convenient and inexpensive way to take care of your moving needs. We'll also provide the dollies, moving boxes and packing tape. You will also have free ongoing use of our moving trucks before, during and after closing.

For our Duplex and Small Multi-Unit Property Sellers - this offer is also provided as an extension to your tenants. You can use this as an incentive for their cooperation through the selling process. It's a great way to reward them for their consideration should they be required to move out before the closing of the sale. Truck usage to be limited to Denver-Metro & Suburb Areas and you will have to provide gas and your own labor.