Comparable Properties that are Under Contract

Find out what price a property went Under Contract for.

Since these comparable properties are pending sales, the actual sales prices are unknown until the transaction closes, However, that doesn't prohibit you from calling the listing agent and asking them what price the property went under contract for. Some agents may share this information with you.

This is very valuable information. Wouldn't it be in your best interest to know that a property similar to yours, listed at $520,000 had been in a bid-up situation and the winning bidder is under contract for $545,000? 

This is also valuable information because if this property is comparable, and your future buyer would be financing the purchase of your property, his lender and appraiser will be looking directly at this property as a comparable. This kind of information could give insight to whether or not your potential buyer's lender will have an appraisal issue on your property

While your at it, ask the agent when the property under contract is scheduled to close. This may help you determine when the best time to put your property on the market.