The Best Time to sell your Rental Property

It's really all just up to you..

Owners of duplex, triplex and small multi-unit properties sell their properties for many reasons. Sometimes an owner wants to leverage equity into a property with better upside potential or a higher return on their investment.  Perhaps an opportunity has become available to leverage your equity into multiple income producing properties.

An owner may have determined that the responsibility of being a landlord has become overly burdensome. Perhaps an owner inherited a duplex property but feels that transferring the equity into another type of investment better suits their lifestyle. Whatever the situation, there are times when selling a multi-unit rental property makes sense.

When the time is right, look to Andrew Lesko and Golden Real Estate to guide you through the complete pricing, marketing and sales process. Our strategic marketing methods are designed to get you top dollar for your property. Andrew can be reached at 720-710-1000 or you can just use my contact form. I look forward to discussing your real estate needs. Thanks for checking out my website!