Exit Strategies that Defer Capital Gains Taxes

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Which method is right for your circumstances?

Duplex, triplex, small multi-unit, individual townhome & condo rental property owners sell for many reasons. Sometimes an owner wants to leverage equity into a property with more upside potential or a better return on their investment capital.  Perhaps an opportunity has become available to leverage equity into multiple investment properties.

An owner may have determined that being a landlord has become overly burdensome. Perhaps an owner inherited a property but feels that transferring the equity into another type of investment better suits their lifestyle. Whatever the situation, there are times when selling a multi-unit rental property makes sense.

If you have built up a large amount of equity over the last several years through appreciation, you may have decided that now might be a good time to lock in profits while it’s still a seller’s market.

The problem with selling properties is the dreaded capital gains tax. Learn about exit strategies that can reduce or defer your capital gains tax - especially if you are looking to exit the landlord business altogether.

These methods include: The new Opportunity Zone Fund, the traditional Installment Sale, the Monetized Installment Sale, the Deferred Sales Trust and the Delaware Statutory Trust.

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